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Android Apps by Philiphacker

Philiphacker Apps
• Apps made by me
• Useful Simple apps
• User Requested Simple apk
• New idea apps
• and more ph apps
We have similar page for softwares and tools for windows pc made by Philiphacker
It contains useful tools, softwares and more.
Click here to visit Windows Apps made by Philiphacker.
The Download links given here are mostly from my Cloud Storage. The cloud storages i used are Box Storage, Yandex, Gdrive and Mega. Some file links which cannot host by me are redirect to third party websites. Users are recommened to be aware of those links. Because i can't manage others site or protect you from others site. We are not responsible in that case on third party links, websites or apps. Some apps Required multiple files. So, those apps are provided as zip files. Zip files are password protected for security reason. The unzipping password and important links are given below.
» Unzipping apps : Es File Explorer / WinRar
» Unzipping video tutorial : Watch here
» Whatsapp group to clear doubts : Join now
» Telegram group to clear doubts : Join now
» For new mod app request : Request here
password :
GTA cheats app contains all collections of Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Cheats of PC , Android and PlayStations. It works Offline. It also contains all GTA saved games and direct download link collections which requires internet.
Whatsapp Direct is used to send direct message to any whatsapp users without saving there contact into your phone.
BMI calc is used to measure your body mass index accurately using decimal BMI value. Also it provides inbuilt UniSex BMI classification values.
PH-Bin is a Standalone credit card generator and credit card live/dead checker in a single page single click.
PH browser is a normal web browser with additional future, it can view source code of any web page.
Stoppy is a Large and Bright Stopwatch with simple single click and long click function.
Doo it is a useful tool for gym guys and home gym'ers with sets and countdowns.
Code zx is a unique encode and decode Application.
Vibrator is a simple vibration app with just single toggle button to start/stop vibrating.
Dorks is a Google Search engine tool to search for required files directly in google with clicks using dorks.
Lime clock is a clock Application, which have two sized clocks, stopwatch, alarm, timer, etc.. in a lime view.
SVC is a Secret Voice Recorder app. Just open the app click mic on and you can use any other app. It will record voice around you secretly.
Voize is a Simple Voice Recording App.
Its look like a normal calculator..
But its not.. do any math..
and press equal to show answer..
it will show your phone number..
Yes ! make ur own style and do magic
with it... To save victim phone number
Press % symbol 4 times.. enjoy..
Tozz is a simple and good coin tossing app with real coin instantly with some sound effects..
Its a virtual hand sanitizer app.
Caution : it doesn't protect you from virus.
Its a very simple crack screen prank app.

Do you have any app idea ? You can message me if you like to create any simple android application. Also if you have any useful application for all our users you can ask me that too.. Join our group to discuss about it.. Group invite links given below.
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Hope you like this page. If you have any opinion, suggestion, doubts, queries or request related to this page feel free to message us on our WhatsApp or Telegram group.

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