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Auto Responder
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Some of you know and used before Auto Responder for WhatsApp. If not click here to read about auto responder detailly. If you know already, Then i will let you know, there are similar apps for Instagram, Facebook, Telegram and SignalApp too from same developer. Lets see about it and direct download links.
What is Auto Responder
Auto Responder means an application which is used to automatically reply to the sender in messengers like WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, Instagram and SignalApp. Usually, its used to make Bots without any Technical Programing Knowledge.
How it works
Lets say if anyone send, "Hi" to you in whatsapp. Now you have to see this message and type reply manually and send it to the sender. This is normal.

But, when using Auto Responder, if someone send you, "Hi" then you can automatically send custom reply to that message. For example you can preset like, "Hello". That means, if message, "Hi" received in your whatsapp/facebook/telegram/instagram/signal messenger, then it will automatically reply with your custom message, "Hello"

I said Hi and Hello for example, Like that you can set any custom message as you wish.
• Available for signal app
• Available for whatsapp
• Available for telegram
• Available for instagram
• Available for facebook
• Premium mods unlocked
• Up-to-date Latest version
• Supports Tasker
• Supports dailogoverflow
• Test your own rules
• Import and Export rules
• Exact, Similar, Pattern matches
• Welcome Greeting mesaages
• Battery and version auto
• Time and date auto reply
• message counts auto reply
• random string, numbers and more
• works with own web server
• supports delay and schedule messages
• supports individual and groups
• supports specific contacts anf groups
• support multiple replies
• support random replies
• whitelist and blacklist
• DND modes and pause options
• Group id and rule id auto reply
• and more...
Mod Download Links (Premium)

All the above are premium unlocked enjoy !
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