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Whats New !

Gmail (Phishing Method) Tutorial - 2020 Updated !

In this post lets see how to make Gmail Phishing page just in 30 seconds by our easy tutorial using brand new method, by making your android device as web hosting server to host our phishing files. So, no more need to use free hosting sites. As some sites are detect and ban phishing pages, so we are going to begin with this tutorial. And no worries, i have made all codes and scripts ready made to make your work even more easier. Just follow our guide step by step. Lets get into the post.
Download - KSweb server pro app
Download - Termux app
Ya that's it. This two application is enough to make your android web server and make phishing page.
Making Phishing Page (Step by Step)
STEP 1 : Install ksweb server app
STEP 2 : Open it and allow permission
STEP 3 : Enable KSweb pro and lighttpd
STEP 4 : Now let it run in background
STEP 5 : Confirm it from notification panel
STEP 6 : Now Install Termux app and open it
STEP 7 : Type the following commands one by one,
pkg install git -y

git clone

cd phishinator

sh start
STEP 8 : All done. Now you will see like this,


STEP 9 : Choose option for Gmail phishing.
STEP 10 : Now it will start running server
STEP 11 : Once its changed to online,
STEP 12 : Copy the link given there
STEP 13 : All done your phishing page is ready.
STEP 14 : Share that link to victim who you like to hack.
How to view password ?
STEP 15 : Once the victim logged into phsihing page,
STEP 16 : Use "ctrl+c" to terminate server
STEP 17 : Now type following command to view password,
sh show
STEP 18 : Captured passwords will be shown.
STEP 19 : All done :) You done Phishing Attack.
Video Tutorial
If you not feel comfortable in written tutorial or any doubt rise in your mind then, you can watch a complete video tutorial on our youtube channel.
FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Please read few FAQ's from below before asking questions. And yes as usual you can ask me for any doubts.
Q1 : Is that root needed ?
A1 : No. it works without root access.

Q2 : Can we host these files in free webhost ?
A2 : Yes. You can use any webhost.

Q3 : What is Passphrase ?
A3 : passphrase »

Q4 : Did i want to type passphase always
A4 : No. only once is enough.

Q5 : Why passphase included ?
A5 : Just for security purpose.

Q6 : How to download only phishing files ?
A6 : use this link to get phsihing files to host somewhere.

Q7 : Why ksweb used ?
A7 : ksweb and ngrok is used to start web server.

Q8 : Why used lot of script files ?
A8 : To make users work easier with less commands to type.

Q9 : Ngrok link not working !
A9 : Check with local host with port 8080 is working or not.

Q10 : Tool stopped or any error appears ?
A10 : Uninstall and reinstall tool or message me with error screenshot.

I will try to update more FAQ's if any doubt asked by our users here.. So, you can make phsihing without any doubt and hope its easy. Still any issue ? message me in our whatsapp or telegram group.

Also check out our other phishing tutorials,
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Thank You
Thank You

Hope you like this page. If you have any opinion, suggestion, doubts, queries or request related to this page feel free to message us on our WhatsApp or Telegram group.

Thank You

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