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Whats New !

Herokinator - Host files without coding (Termux Tool)

Herokinator is the tool made by me to make much easy the famous website . To post a got it in many people got struggle a lot and donno how to host a successful app in heroku. Because, it requires to execute some commands in terminal and git push correctly. If you are expert in it you can do it yourself. If you are beginner to git and heroku now with our tool now you can host your app with random or custom domain without even single command or coding.. Especially made for python..
• Termux - Download
• Herokinator - Script from GitHub
• Heroku Account - click here to register
• GitHub Account - click here to register
How to use
• Download and Install Termux App
• Open Termux App
• Type the following command one by one,

pkg install git -y
git clone
cd herokinator
sh start

• All done.
• Now Main menu will be shown like below image,

• Choose New to create a new app in heroku
• Then, It will ask for heroku login
• It will automatically redirect to browser
• click login and login into your heroku account
• once logged in, close your browser
• now come back to our tool
• it will automatically verify your heroku account
• and now ask for github login
• type your github email id then username
• now choose custom domain or random domain
• Once done, it will ask you to place your py files in folder
• now place your py file or files in that folder
• now type the main py file name with extension
• all done wait for 5 mins, your app will be created
• and it will show you the URL link after its deployed
• copy the URL and use it enjoy

Some important notes,

• While choosing custom domain if name alrdy exist
• you will get error and process will be stopped
• So, choose unique domain if you need custom one
• if name alrdy exist, and tool end process, then,
• you can restart our tool and start process again
• Random domain name is recommended
• If you want to update your code on existing domain,
• use OPEN option from our tool
• using that you can re-upload your updated files
• default python version used is 3.7.9
• as per heroku basic plan upto 500mb is free
• you can't upload more than 500mb
• each project/app contains 50 mb
• So, as per that you can host upto 10 apps for free
• if our tool code modified, our tool will not work
• file path is : internal/download/
• skipping heroku or github login will result in error
• custom domain contains only uppercase, lowercase and numbers.
Video Tutorial
For more Better Understanding,
Watch Video Tutorial from below link,

Not yet uploaded !

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Thank You

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