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How to Permanently Delete Facebook Account

Everyone heard about deactivating facebook account. But, how to delete it permanently like no one can recover it or view it. Is that possible ? Yes. Its possible in single click.
Delete Facebook Account
Steps to Delete
• Click above given delete button.
• Login your account which you like to delete
• Choose Delete Account Permanently option
• Enter your password and click delete
• All done. Your Account Deleted Permanently.
Important Note
Think twice before deleting your Facebook account. Once it got deleted you lost everything. No one can able to recover your deleted account. All your messages, chats, posts, groups, pages and everything related to your Facebook account will be deleted. So, pls take a perfect decision and only if ok for you use above delete button.
Alternative to Delete
If you just want to hide your account from others during your vacation or for any other reason, other than delete you can deactivate your account. So, if you change your mind you can recover your account back and visible back to all. To do so, click here to deactivate your account instead deleting it permanently. What ever the decision is yours.
What are the difference ?
Delete Account = Permanently Deleted
Deactivate Account = Temporary Disabled
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