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How to install Kali Linux OS Step by Step Guide

This is a Tutorial post to step by step guide on how to install Kali Linux OS by your own.
• Kali Linux OS iso
• Bootable USB pendrive
• Some knowledge
Step 1 : Download Kali Linux iso - available here

Step 2 : Make Bootabale pendrive

click here to make bootable pendrive - windows
click here to make bootable pendrive - linux

Step 3 : Once Bootable Pendrive is ready,
Switch off your computer.

Step 4 : Now power on and enter into bios mode (boot menu) by keep pressing F10 key rapidly.

( Click here to check which key suitable for your computer. )

Step 5 : Once you entered into boot menu, go to Boot Tab.

Step 6 : Now here you can see Boot priority options.

Step 7 : We have to set our pendrive at first in boot priority order.

Step 8 : Click boot priority and change boot priority order from your hard disk to your bootable pendrive.

Step 9 : It may sound difficult, but, easy to do, just select using enter up arrow and down arrow or use F5 key and F6 key.

Step 10 : Once Set First priority to your pendrive in Boot order, Press F10 to save and continue.

Step 11 : Now your computer will be reboot and boot into our pendrive. Because, we set our pendrive to boot first.

Step 12 : Now Kali Linux installation window will be shown

Step 13 : Select Graphical Install

Step 14 : Choose Language English America/India

Step 15 : It will Auto detect Mouse, Keyboards and other external hardwares. Also WiFi networks.

Step 16 : Connect to WiFi network

(If you don't have WiFi connection, try using mobile hotspot tethering. You don't have that too means, click back and jump to next step directly)

Step 17 : It will ask for hostname, just leave the field as it as and click next

Step 18 : it will ask for domain name, just leave the field empty and click next

Step 19 : Now set username and password

Step 20 : Now partition screen will be shown, for fresh Installation, follow below steps,

For example : I am have 300 GB

• first of all delete all partition (unlocated)
• create new partition for 1GB set as Boot
• create new partition for 2GB set as Swap
• (above partition is recommended as equal to ram size)
• (my ram is 2GB, so i set to 2GB, if yours is 8GB make it 8GB)
• create new partition for 50GB set as /root
• create new partition for 150GB set as /home
• create new partition for 100GB set as /usr
• Now you have partition like this,
- /boot : 1GB (primary)
- /swap : 2GB (logical)
- /root : 50GB (logical)
- /home : 150GB (logical)
- /usr : 100GB (logical)
Step 21 : Once done, it ask for network update, click No.

Step 22 : Now the installation will be started, It will take some time

(approximately it takes 15 to 25 mins)

Step 23 : Once installation done, remove the USB pendrive

Step 24 : Now your system will be reboot into your new kali linux OS

Step 25 : All done. Kali linux Installed.

Important Notes and links
Click here for kali linux iso download
Click here for kali linux test version
Click here for video tutorial by someone.

• If you donno about partition, you can do dirty flash too, just click automatic partitioning, it will make partition by itself automatically.(this method useful when you don't know how to make partition and don't want to mess up with anything without partitioning knowledge.)

• To enter into boot menu the key to press will also be shown in your screen itself while you power on your computer.

• Your computer may be reboot multiple time during installation process. Don't worry about it. It is usually be like that. Only after installing completed 100% you can remove pendrive.

• Do not press power button or anything during installation. Leave everything as it as. It is automated process once Installation starts.

• Make sure your laptop is plugged into charger while Installation. Also make sure it won't be power cut during installation is desktop computers.

• If you have any other doubts or stuck somewhere ? - Feel free to message me in our WhatsApp or Telegram Group.. Am always available.
Thank You
Thank You

Hope you like this page. If you have any opinion, suggestion, doubts, queries or request related to this page feel free to message us on our WhatsApp or Telegram group.

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