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Linux Bash Command Collections (bash or shell)

Bash or Shell is a linux terminal file. Which can also be executed in Terminal directly. This file with commands will be saved in .sh or .bash extension. Lets see most famous and useful commands and its uses in this post.
50 Bash/Shell Commands
echo : print out the input string
clear : clear screen of terminal
pwd : shows current directory path
exit : closes the terminal
read pause : used to stop the execution
cp : copy files or folders
mv : move files or folders
del : delete files or folders
mv : rename files or folders
md : make directory

rd : remove directory
cd : change directory
ls : list directory
help : getting help
man : getting detailed help
head : edit file by begin lines
cat : show file contents
nano : terminal text editor
df : information of file system
du : disk usage of files and folders

ps : Running Process Status
passwd : change user password
ncdu : total disk usage
apt : install or remove package
top : Running RAM process
bash : to run bash files
sh : to run shell files
whereis : find where is the source
whatis : what file of folder
find : find files or folders

wget : Download file using link
curl : Download file using link
printf : similar to echo
sudo : super user
chmod : file permissions
uniq : filter duplicate values
ping : sends packets over the network
diff : find different between two files
sort : sort the source file in order
cut : cut part of the line

sed : replace text
grep : search given input in file
awk : manipulate data and gives output
kill : kill running progress
cron : execute schedule task
pushd : set list of environment variables
xdg-open : open file or URL
whoami : print out the username
date : shows date and time
cal : shows calendar
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