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Make Bootable USB pendrive in Linux - Tutorial

In this post we are going to see two different methods to make usb pendrive bootable in linux. They are manual and automatic method.
1 - Manual Method
Requirements :

• 1 USB pendrive
• Operating System (iso)
• 1 computer or laptop
• some knowledge

Step 1 : Open Terminal
( press ctrl + alt + T to open terminal)

Step 2 : Type, lsblk
(this will show availabe disks)

Step 3 : Check your usb pendrive
(in my case my pendrive is sdx1)

Step 4 : Usually pendrive is auto mounted. So, we have to unmount first.
(before flashing device it must have to unmount)

Step 5 : Type, sudo unmount /dev/sdx1
(replace sdx1 with your pendrive)

Step 6 : Now type, sudo dd bs=4M if=/path/to/iso of=/dev/sdx status=progress oflag=sync
(replace /path/to/iso with your OS iso file path)

Step 7 : Now command will show some progress.
(it may take several mins)

Step 8 : Once done, All done. Your Bootable Pendrive is ready to use.

2 - Automatic Method
Requirements :

• 1 USB pendrive
• Operating System (iso)
• 1 computer or laptop
• Balena Etcher (software)

Step 1 : Download and install Etcher tool
(click here to download etcher software.)

Step 2 : Open and choose OS iso
(click and navigate path to OS and select iso)

Step 3 : Now Select Pendrive
(Mostly it will detect automatically)

Step 4 : Click Flash and wait
(it will take 3 to 5 mins)

Step 5 : Once Finished, All done. Your pendrive is now bootable.
The etcher software interface
shown in the below picture,

Make Bootable Pendrive Using Windows »
click here for more detail tutorial for windows.
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Thank You

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