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Make Bootable USB pendrive in Windows - Tutorial

In this post we are going to see two different methods to make usb pendrive bootable in windows. They are manual and automatic method.
1 - Manual Method
Requirements :

• 1 USB pendrive
• Operating System (iso)
• 1 computer or laptop
• some knowledge

Step 1 : Open command prompt
(press win+R » type cmd » press enter)

Step 2 : Type diskpart and press enter
(this will open disk partition terminal)

Step 3 : Now type the following commands one by one,
(commands are mentioned below in green color)

list disk
(this will show all available disks)
select disk 1
(choose your usb device, you can recognise it by its size)
(this will erase your usb drive letter)

Note : if you are using 1TB or above HDD
or need to use GPT then only type this command,
"convert gpt" ← to make gpt partition
"convert mbr" ← to make mbr partition
or u can skip it..

create partition primary
(this will create new partition in your pendrive)
select partition 1
(this will select the partition which we created in previous step)
(this will make that partition active)
format fs=ntfs
(this will format your pendrive, it takes 10 to 15 mins.)
The executed command lines are
shown in the below picture,
Step 4 : After the format is done, continue typing the below commands,

assign letter H:
(usb drive letter)
(disk partition will be closed)

Step 5 : Now extract the OS iso file in any folder.
(you can extract iso using winrar or you can simply mount and copy all files from that.)

Step 6 : In my case my extracted files are in E: drive » "win 7 sp1" folder.
(path may different in your case, that where you extracted)

Step 7 : Now type the following commands,

(this will change to E drive, thats where my OS files are)
cd "win 7 sp1"
(this will change to "win 7 sp1" folder in E drive)
cd boot
(this will change to "boot" folder, where OS boot sector file exist)
bootsect.exe/nt60 H:
(H is your USB drive letter, as we set in step 4)

Step 8 : Once done all the above commands correctly, you can see "Boot codes are successfully updated in all volumes".

Step 9 : Close your command prompt by typing "exit".

Step 10 : Now, Bootable pendrive is ready. Just copy all your extracted OS files into your pendrive. All done.
The executed command lines are
shown in the below picture,

2 - Automatic Method
Requirements :

• 1 USB pendrive
• Operating System (iso)
• 1 computer or laptop
• Rufus (software)

Step 1 : Download and install Rufus tool
(click here to download rufus software.)

Step 2 : Open and choose your pendrive in device.
(mostly it will auto recognise the pendrive)

Step 3 : Now select and load OS iso file in Boot selection.
(Downloaded OS iso file)

Step 4 : Now just click start and wait.
(it will take 3 to 5 mins)

Step 5 : All done. Your pendrive is now bootable.
The rufus software interface
shown in the below picture,

Make Bootable Pendrive Using Linux »
click here for more detail tutorial for linux.
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Thank You

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