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Earn Money Android Apps Collections

Hi guys, i listed all money earning android apps which i personally know and all listed here are genuine. I am saying this because, i tested these apps personally myself for over a month. Also, i update these apps here only after receiving my first withdrawal money successfully. If i find more apps like these which really pay then, i will update those too here regularly.
Few FAQ's
1) Can you use this as primary earning ? - No. These apps are good for pocket money level.

2) How do you know these apps ? - I play clash of clans game and i like to buy gold pass subscription in that game. So, i made personal research for that and thats how i came to know these apps.

3) Does these apps really works ? - Yes. I personally tested these apps myself

4) How much we can earn ? - Depends on How much time you spend in these apps. For me, 1 hour per day is more enough to get 500 per month.

5) Can everyone earn from these ? - It also depends. Because, I shared here apps from different categories

6) Do you got your money ? - Yes. I got recevied my withdrawal money successfully. Then only i update these apps here..

7) Just like that can we earn ? - Not sure. But, i use different tricks on different apps personally. If you need my tricks then i even shared those in this post.

8) Can you show me proof ? - Yes. i have attached my withdrawal screenshots in this post as well. If you need some more guarranty you can feel free to message me in our whatsapp group.

9) How long it takes to earn money ? - Purely depends on how much time you spend and how much smart you are.

10) I have more questions which not listed here ! - No worries, Just message me in our group. So, i will answer you directly and also i can update those new questions here for others usage.

- Above some values are in dollars or in bitcoins i converted, calculated and updated in ruppees.

- Bitcoin and dollar values may change depends on present day value.

- To withdraw your amount you may required Bank account or Paytm wallet or Crypto Wallet etc..

- Use refferal codes to get initial bonus cash while registering itself.

- Status Testing means, it is in process as i not withdraw amount yet. But, going smooth till now. not reached withdraw threshold yet. I will update the status of those once i reached the threshold.

- Some apps required initial little investments and some are free without investments and some are can be managed with refferal code bonus amount as good start without investing.

- Don't say anything like not working. Because i tested everything myself only after verified myself i updated here.

- Some apps are not in playstore. Instead it will be downloaded as apk file. we need to install manually. Anyway those are trusted enough as am using over month without any issues.

- Some apps doesn't support or allow to play you on your city. In that case you can bypass that using, Mock Location App. You can download it from here.

- If you have any doubts , need helps , had more queries or you know new apps like this or anything else related to this article, feel free to message me in our WhatsApp or Telegram group. Also, consider donation if you like my hard work. Thank you :)
Thank You

Hope you like this page. If you have any opinion, suggestion, doubts, queries or request related to this page feel free to message us on our WhatsApp or Telegram group.

Thank You

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