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This website, was owned by Philip. In our website you can find quality content and easy to understand Technology related Tutorials, Tricks, Tips, Gudies, News and more. We cover Hacking Stuffs & Awareness (Legal and Education Stuffs), Modding Android and Windows Application Softwares and Games, Computer and Mobile Solutions, Technical Problem Solving, Tech News Updates, Earning and Loot Updates, Website and Youtube Management, Program Coding, Web Designing and lot more Technology Stuffs Digital Library is our website.
My Name is Philipson, Everyone call me as Philip. I am a Article Writter, Blogger, Web Designer, Front-end Developer, Technical Hardware and Software Expert, Technical Backend Support, Network Engineer and Security Researcher. Personally I completed BSc. Degree in Loyola College Chennai and completed CCNA Networking Course in Network Geek Chennai. Moderated Expert in CLI and python programming. Currently working at Airtel as in-person customer support.
In my earlier days, i don't know nothing about technology stuffs. But, am much interested in it and willing to explore more. I just daily browser through internet and read tech articles, tips and tricks etc.. One day, my mobile which i used to explore new things on internet got some issues. I solved it myself and feel much happier and i loved it. In upcoming days i solved my own tech problems and repair myself. Also, in curious as beginner in technology, i made some issues to my computer and mobile myself and tried to solve it myself and i even succeed. After some days i help technically on other people tech problems like friends, family, relatives, neighborhood and more people around me. When i solved there computer or mobile or any tech issues, i can feel a happiness from there face and expressions. That encouraged me to help others more and more. I started helping others and teach them whatever i learnt. I try my best to explain easily to others. Day by day i become expert in Tech field and that's how am techy now by all my experiences. To solve others issues and to share what i learnt i made a blog using blogger at 2014. It was a good success. From that earning i purchased new domain and webhost which we are in now currently. Being frank to my visitors, Helping first, Earning Next. I will try my best forever to provide free stuffs here as much as i can. My Biggest loss in my life is my dad. He's my hero and my good teacher. And am in a relationship. I love friends. I love Technology. I hope i shared my best to get good contact with my visitors. Sorry if am bored you. Final words, Be Helpful and Be Happy :) ❤️
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Hope you like this page. If you have any opinion, suggestion, doubts, queries or request related to this page feel free to message us on our WhatsApp or Telegram group.

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